Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lowering the Bar for the Daily Highlight

So I work in a medical clinic that is both a family practice (by appointment) and a walk-in clinic. We usually have several doctors working at once, some seeing only their own patients, others seeing walk-ins.

 Now, a lot of the walk-in patients haven't quite grasped the concept that it's first come, first serve, and that we can only estimate their wait time. (This is despite the numerous signs on incredibly fluorescent pink paper stating this fact that we have plastered on every wall and sitting on the front counter.) If the doctor needs to spend extra time with a patient, they will take it, and this can significantly change the amount of time someone will have to wait. We can only guess at how long it will take...and sometimes it's a long time! We take a fair bit of abuse...and if it can be that bad at a walk-in clinic, I can only imagine what working somewhere like the ER must be like! I like to complain that I'm losing my faith in humanity working where I do....that's not overly dramatic at all is it? :)

So after an especially trying period today (oh there was definitely yelling), I had this fax from the hospital come across my desk. See if you can spot what I burst out laughing at, and sadly it was probably the highlight of my work day.

You have to love a somehow appropriate typo. I've always thought that calling them "patients" was somehow a misnomer, as patient ones are sadly in the minority. :)



  1. Glad you can keep a sense of humour though! You should have shared it with the impatient patients in the waiting room:)

  2. Ha, that *may* have just made it worse...the coworkers got a kick out of it though. :)

  3. Being a fellow health care employee I can appreciate this one a lot!