Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Misleading Moon

So I had the idea, seeing as it's a nice clear night, to try take a picture of the moon. As I'm heading out onto the deck to try take photos, Mum tells me to leave the shutter speed open as long as possible. Not thinking about it, I take multiple shots with a shutter speed of 10-15 seconds. That would have been great, if blurry white blob was what I was going for :)

Turns out a faster shutter speed would have been better. This photo was taken at 1/200. (That makes sense, now that I stop to think about it. The moon does reflect quite a bit of light.)

I would have spent much less time freezing outside if I'd tried that the first time! :)



  1. Yeah, yeah, it's all my fault:( Of course now I realize that taking pictures of stars and taking pictures of the moon are two different things.

  2. Good Info, I'll have to give that a shot one night. Thanks, and nice photo!

  3. Hey, I'm glad if my fumbling around with the camera provides any help at all! Thanks for the comments :)