Tuesday, June 21, 2011

April 17th: Busabout

Today was a day filled with travelling and without big events. We travelled from Rome back up towards Florence and then turned and headed for Venice.

There was this really neat town off the side of the highway, with old stone buildings built right to the edge of a circular plateau, I wish I had a better picture of it!

The rest of the scenery was pretty much the same, as we were on most of the same roads as we had been two days ago.

We spent the middle of the day in Bologna ...

It was Sunday, so most of the side streets were quiet and shops closed....

But the main touristy square and shopping street were open for business and humming with people.

Vendors were set up along the street selling brightly coloured balloons or tubs heaped high with candy...

Or grasshoppers and other bugs being woven from grass...

There was a large open area taken over by an open air, flea market style market. We happened upon it as we were heading for the bus, so only had about 20 minutes to spend in there, but with a little more time you could have done some seriously cheap shopping. :)

We pulled into our stop for the night later in the afternoon. We were staying on the mainland outside of Venice, right near this river where we would catch the "bus" across the lagoon in the morning.

And a little bit of home-away-from-home...

Canadian flags kept popping up in random places...I spotted a tiny Canadian flag pin pinned into the top of a sign on a postcard rack in this tiny shop in Florence, the occasional embassy, or other Canadian tourists with flags on their packs.

You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the girl, right? :)


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